willkommen bienvenue welcome

Hello fans of greybrucekids.com!

I got a message from Amy last week saying – I was wondering if you would consider blogging for our website? I love reading your blog and I think it would be the perfect mix of crafty goodness, first time mom & teacher.

And I felt so loved. Every once in a while I get emails that make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Amy (& her hubby) are embarking on a new business venture, Grey Bruce Kids – a FREE, quarterly magazine dedicated to parents and caregivers in Grey and Bruce Counties! (they have a website that you should definitely check out). The magazine focuses on education, health, arts, recreation, relationships, and life as a parent in rural Ontario, and will highlight local articles, resources, community events, and advertisements that are important to families in Grey and Bruce.

I thought I’d take a moment to re-introduce myself to the world as the newest guest blogger. I am Lindsay. I teach. I have a new baby. I make art. I read.

I love: thank-yous, banana flavoured things, black & white, my students (past, present & future), crayola crayons, dancing like a maniac, long & thoughtful emails from dear friends, mail art, grape nerds, baby wearing, burt’s bees hand lotion, great big sea, strawberry ice cream, internet quizzes, cloth diapers, anne shirley, typography, lyrics, pretending my life is a musical, my family, peanut butter on a spoon, movies that take place in schools, hand stands, baker’s twine, playing Yahtzee, sneaking brown sugar, skipping ropes, orange pop, making things for people, sharpie markers, popsicles, breastfeeding, retro television, funky stockings, our dancing baby, kindred spirits.

I don’t love: bonfires, mainstream radio, “going out” to bars, eating outside on the patio at restaurants, brand-name expensive clothes, sunbathing, watching hockey, doing the dishes, going to the gym, when pinterest servers are down.

I’m an introvert. I’m an internet junkie. I like pretty things.

And since greybrucekids is a parenting resource, I thought I’d create a round-up of my favourite posts about my [short] experience with being a maman.

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Congrats to Amy & Dwight for this super exciting adventure!

Stay tuned for more posts by moi [and in the meantime you can catch me here and here!]