8 months

weight. 18+ lbs (I have no idea. You are getting heavier though.)

height. 72+ cm

eyes. big, blue and sparkly. you rub them when you are sleepy.

hair. it keeps growing and growing. Reddish blondish.

feeding. you love pears and apples and pumpkin with nutmeg/cinnamon [but still loving your milk best]. You cut a tooth!

sleeping . teething has somewhat interrupted our night sleeping, but not too too badly

pooping. an incredible rainbow of fun. I keep singing this song by the Arrogant Worms. (disclaimer)

things you love. blabbing, mom’s singing, toys, drinking from a cup, jolly jumping, swimming, hanging out on all 4s, your baby friends, hanging upsidedown, the sound of the phone ringing, reading books (helping hold and turn pages)

things you don’t love. Teething.

other [new] awesome things you do. talk and talk and talk (you are saying mamamam a lot – but I know it isn’t yet directed to me), exploring new objects (aka. gumming, banging, shaking, throwing), move from sitting to crawing position (and visa versa), interact with other babies,

xo Elijah.

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