There are a ridiculous number of adorable Halloween costumes for babies (and Pinterest puts them all in one glorious spot for me).

We decided to do a family-themed costume affair and it had to be homemade. Rob wouldn’t let me do my ultimate very first choice (he said spandex are only for cycling…) – so we went for the second choice. Here is a sneak preview with a little tutorial I put together. These capes are so fast and cheap and easy to make. I have visions of a closet full of them in the future.


I had a lot of fun putting together this year’s costume. My ultimate yearly Halloween goal is to diy my costumes – I want to continue that tradition with my kiddos. I will let them choose what they want, and try my very best to make it for them (with their help of course!). I am not a very good sewer, and I am an ok knitter, so the costumes may not be perfect – but if I can costume design and make props for my yearly school musical, I think I can handle it.

I can’t wait to see what costume creativity Elijah comes up with when he gets bigger.

Do you want more information on my costume? Clicky here!