I make milk. What is your super power?

This year we have three Halloween shindigs. One super duper local one [with the best invitation I’ve ever received], one in a far away land [xo Kate&Curt&Joe] and one lunch affair. Oh! and we are going to dress up for our next LLL meeting, so I guess that makes 4 shindigs. Technically a couple of these are “kids parties”, but I’m dressing up anyways.

We are a family of supers. Rob is superman incognito. Elijah is super Eli, and I am super mom [who belongs to a whole league of super moms]. I love the polyvore outfit inspiration board and so I thought I’d make one of my costume.

My black leggings and tank top and shoes; My handmade cuffs, headband and belt (all made from a t-shirt and fabric glue); My big blue cape; And my remote control. In one press of a button, I can soothe my baby, protect my baby, love my baby, make my baby nap, translate my baby and manage to keep the house clean. I really am super!

ps. In case you didn’t know, I’m a new guest blogger for Grey Bruce Kids. Check out my tutorial here on HOW TO MAKE A CAPE (Eli’s) out of a t-shirt!