Home: This is Where the Magic Happens

This is a guest post written by a genuinely magical mama. When she isn’t leaving secret surprises on my doorstep or hosting awesome theme parties, she is inventing games for her daughter, exploring the outdoors and baking cookies on her maternity leave from teaching. Aly‘s passion for motherhood is incredibly contagious and I wanted her to inspire you, like she inspires me. Please send her some comment love.


For the last eight months, my wee girl has been the one bringing magic into our home on a daily basis. I love her version of magic (giggles, first kisses, toothless smiles) and how it has changed my world and renewed in me hope, pure love and a belief that anything is possible. Now, I find myself daydreaming of the days when I can return the bliss and bring a little magic into her world. I want my girl to BELIEVE; in magic, in make-believe or whimsy, whatever you want to call it. If only one message has been clearly communicated to me by some greater power over these last many months it is a resounding- screaming from the rooftops- that


It actually does fly (as if it has wings, a cape and fancy rocket shoes!). So, I feel compelled and inspired to squeeze as much wonder into her youth as possible- to fill her childhood with spirit and magic. Thus, I have plans galore (and pins a plenty) for the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, Leprechauns and garden fairies, pirates and frog princes. I have traditions planned for Valentines Day and the first day of school, for the last day of summer and for annual scavenger hunts. My wee girls’ closet will be filled with

wings and wands
pirate patches and princess dresses
treasure maps and tutus
safari hats and swords
capes and crystal balls…
and all the things an explorer needs to travel to foreign lands.

Wishes will be made on stars, and while crossing bridges with held breath and, of course, on fallen eye lashes. I AM TAKING ACTION! I will make sure that the magic in my girl’s world is not left to Disney and Pixar, but instead will be brought to life by Daddy and Mama.

If your child meets mine in the classroom or school yard or at swimming lessons, please remind them to be tolerant and accepting and kind…to not ruin the secret of flying reindeer, or tell my wee girl that kissing frogs will never turn them into the best of friends. I consider these to be unimportant truths, better left for later when the pixie dust of childhood inevitably lifts. For now, let’s work together to keep an air of mystery and wonder in the lives of our wee ones. Here are some ideas to get us started (and please click the links):

1. Create a Tooth fairy entrance. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this teensy door that can be attached to your wee one’s wall as safe passage for the tooth fairy. It only makes sense that if Santa comes down the chimney, fairies must have their own entrance too!

2. Leave evidence of garden sprites or gnomes. Create some magic on the move in your yard. Find or make a few colorful, whimsical outdoor decorations (a bright toadstool garden ornament is my suggestion) and place them in a spot in the yard or garden. Every once in a while move them in secret to a new part of the yard- somewhere a bit hidden- and tell your wee ones that the garden sprites move them to keep from being located. Each time the kids go outside they will have fun searching for the decoration and trying to track down the elusive garden sprites.

3. Create a magical land in your backyard with Fairy berries. These small clear balls have a little white LED light inside which shines for more than 20 hours on land or in water. “Each one has a tiny glowing white LED that fades on and off slowly”. Used en mass, these “berries” could fill your yard with “evidence” of tinkerbell herself!

4. Enroll your wee one in spy training camp. Tape red streamers or painters tape to a hallway wall and make a laser area for kids to try to crawl through (without touching and setting off alarms!) like spies. Challenge them to a mission impossible!

5. Send the tiniest of correspondence the form of Tooth fairy letters. It doesn’t have to be the tooth fairy, you could send your wee one mail from any multitude of teensy creatures: munchkins, leprochauns, The Littles, The Borrowers, mice, a pet gerbil…. Whatever you choose, these miniscule letters are sure to keep your wee one believing in the mystery of snail mail.

6. Create your own holiday. While sugarplums dance in their heads, decorate the house with streamers and a big sign that says “Happy _____ Day!” (Dog Day, Backwards day, Queen for a Day, Milkshake day, Purple Cow Day…) Make up traditions for the day together– you must wear purple, it’s traditional to eat ice cream for breakfast, whatever.

7. Create the Animal tracks of mythical or extinct creatures. Weather its in the backyard or along the beach these DIY animal track shoes are sure to create quite a stir with your wee ones and maybe the local paper too! Imagine the stories that would follow!

8. Make a wand, light saber, cape or marshmallow shooter (and go on an adventure to slay dragons or defeat any creatures known to be on the dark side.

9. Create items from Santa’s workshop or orchard. Identify the items as those produced in the North Pole by using these Santa stickers. Giverslog has free labels that you can turn into stickers to put on the orange in your wee ones stocking, or any other produce or treat.

10. Install your very own wish machine! Buy this poster, or use it as inspiration for installing a vintage doorbell inside your house to be used as a wish button. Imagine the wonder on your wee ones faces when they return from school to find their very own wish button installed!


Thank you Aly! xo.