9 months.

weight. We’ll find out this week. You keep getting heavier.

height. I haven’t measured in a while. You keep outgrowing your sleepers. I’d say you are growing.

eyes. big, blue and sparkly. you rub them when you are sleepy.

hair. it keeps growing and growing. Reddish blondish.

feeding. you have two lower teeth to help you chew things. Since last month you’ve tried egg yolk, turkey, grapes, blueberries, broccoli, pumpkin, cheerios, oatmeal, plain yogurt, peaches… The only thing you seem to really hate are peas (and I don’t blame you)

sleeping. you are the best snuggler.

pooping. i haven’t mentioned in a while how awesome cloth diapers are, have I?

things you love. giggling, drinking from a cup, talking,  jolly jumping, swimming, hanging out on all 4s, your baby friends, hanging upside down, naps, pulling wipes out of the container, reading, playing with kitchen accessories, hair

things you don’t love. being sick.

other [new] awesome things you do. try pull yourself up on me, scootch around and around in circles, reach with both hand towards me to be picked up, choose your own toys from the basket, stand up holding on to things without me holding you.

xo Elijah.

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