Holiday Inspiration File

I love magazines. I could spend hours and hours tearing out beautiful things.

In high school I collaged everything and anything I could get my hands on (pencil cases, agendas, desks, chairs, music folders, notebooks, my locker). Anytime I come across something that I love in a magazine, I rip it out and put it in a special envelope.

In recent years, I have been creating inspiration files. I’ve made a binder of home inspiration, one for wedding love, another about Canadian cities,  a book of recipes and a diy craft file. They sit together on my bookshelf.

Last year (with the help of the amazing Marta), I created a Christmas inspiration file. (She has posted a complete how-to on making your own. )

Like my other “style files”, I use binders with plastic page inserts. I used some of Marta’s tab suggestions to organize all of my inspiration into sections.

In my style file I’ve included – Planning (Click here to download and print your own free organizer by Giver’s Log), Traditions (some of my favourites include PJs on Christmas Eve, Santa Sacks, that pesky little elf, Random Acts of Kindness, stockings), Gift Lists (I’m trying extra hard to do mostly handmade and books this year! So far, so good), Wrapping (there are some really amazing wrapping ideas out there and it totally deserves it’s own section), Christmas Cards (copies of cards we’ve sent out, and some favourites we’ve received – I also keep Kate’s fabulous newsletter in here), Home Decor (I can’t wait to make some new decorations this year) and Holiday Recipes (there is just something about gorgeous photos of dessert that sets my heart aflutter).

I love the glossiness of magazine pages. I love having pictures within arms’ reach. I love organization. I love handwriting lists and notes and ideas. I love revisiting my old favourite ideas and updating with new ones. I love my holiday style file.

With my Pinterest obsession, I’ve printed out some of my favourite Christmas pins and added them to this book. As much as I love visual pinboards, I am still a sucker for flipping through inspiration files. Digital is much quicker and easier to share with friends, but there is just something about pouring over a magazine and ripping out beautiful things.

I hope you have fun making your very own Holiday Inspiration File (and thank Marta for the idea and tutorial!). Now it is time for me to snuggle up with my file and an apple cider float while listening to some new Christmas tunes. xo