a streetcar named mei tai

Today Eli and I drove to the big city they call Toronto to meet Andrea and Catamo for shopping fun. We’ve been a couple of times as a new family, but this time we were without daddio (since he has to, you know, work). I drove and parked at Sarah’s just off of Roncesvalles and took the streetcar over to Yonge. There was no way that I was going to bring my stroller along (I don’t even really like using a stroller to begin with), and so I didn’t. My heart belongs to babywearing.

With a strategically packed backpack and diaper bag, our gorgeous Freehand mei tai carrier (yay ebay!) and the TTC tokens Rob found in his change jar, we were off!

Even thought I look a little bit ridiculous, I was really quite comfortable – and never once did I wish I brought the stroller. (What about for shopping you ask? The Eaton Centre provides complimentary stroller loans in case I want to try on some clothes – and my maman body is definitely ready for some new clothes!)

I’m excited to spend the next couple of days with my sister and my mom.

ps. If you’ve never tried a Mei Tai carrier – I recommend it! The best of both worlds between a wrap and structured (without any annoying plastic buckles).