Let’s have a tutu party.

The other day I hosted a mini craft party. A tutu tutorial, in fact.

One of my friends mentioned that she wanted to make a tutu for a gift, and so I invited her (and a couple of others) over. I ordered some fabulous tulle from Canada Tulle, got some ribbon, cardboard and elastic bands. I popped on some musak and brewed a pot of coffee.

We enjoyed an afternoon of crafting, eating (tomato tart, jalapeno poppers, banana bread), playing with babies and chatting.

We loved making tutus so much that we decided that we wanted to make more. Lots more. Send me a message if you’d like to purchase a pink tutu from us including the age of your babe. Twenty $$ per tutu. All proceeds will go to our La Leche League of Kincardine. (Wouldn’t a tutu be a fab Christmas gift?)

  • Wrapping the tulle.
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Elastic banding the tulle.
  • Cutting the tulle strips
  • Adding extra poof.
  • Chatting.
  • Slipknotting the tulle.
  • We Love our New Tutu!
  • Little Miss K: Tutu Model

fyi: No, I didn’t make a tutu for Elijah – but he did make a good model for sizing purposes.