Cardboard Airplanes

Rob ordered a new pair of winter boots this year. They arrived last week and he was excited to have new “yard duty” boots. The box that they arrived in was nice and big. Eli gravitated to it almost immediately – trying to climb in and gnaw on the sides of it. New boots for dad equals a new toy for baby.

And of course, I couldn’t just leave it as a plain old box. I had come across some super amazing tutorials on cardboard box construction a couple of months ago, and had been looking out for the perfect box. Our little airplane isn’t as intricate as some of the sites – but we love it! A few cuts in the side flaps to make the tail and the propeller. Added a paper plate for good measure. (I just taped it all on with packing tape). Eli has an assortment of “toys” in his plane (aka. measuring cups and jingle bells) to play with – and sometimes we take trips around the world (aka. living room).

The simplest toys are the best.

I was talking briefly about the top 5 toys for kids the other day with a friend. A stick, a box, some string, cardboard tubes and dirt. Wired’s GeekDad listed those last January. Work It Mom added hands, water, broom, sibling and rock to make it a list of top 10. I think that I’d have to agree with the lists. I truly think that with any toy, the kids should do at least 90% of the work. Costumes, musical instruments, building blocks, books, dolls, bicycles, art supplies – no batteries needed. Just some creative imagination.

I’ve heard it over and over again that babies don’t really appreciate the presents as they are being opened at their first couple of Christmases and Birthdays – they just don’t “get it” yet. They tend gravitate towards the packaging. This held true for Eli when we opened presents from family yesterday – the gift bag from one of my gifts held his interest the most.