a third year according to bookface

It is that time of year again – when FB has a fancy-dancy overview of your profile statuses (statii?). And like last year and the year before, I will skip the fancy decorative one, and post all of the updates that were archived.

j: is in back to school mode, newest preggo symptom= heartburn. Not so awesome, Rick Mercer in Kincardine!, They’ve finally posted my job, 38 days, Come on over on Sunday!, Well, Rick didn’t win the snowmobile race, What was once a dress is now a shirt, and then there was one (month to go!), comedy tonight! week 36: bébé is quite active (foreshadowing?), is obsessed with pinterest, 18 days until due date, week #38

f: hello Ontario? We get about 20cm of snow every other week in Bruce County-  are you seriously freaking out?, sleepy, I just love a butt jammed in the ribs!, tomorrow is my last day of work, “official due date” is today, but my prediction is that I will have to wait a wee bit longer, Maybe the 15th will be the day?, Sill no baby in the Kink!, washing baby clothes. RENT on glee. Awesome, I just made a cake for bébé’s birth day, Elijah Myles (hello world!), Thank you everyone!, It’s been one week since you looked at me…

m: Just entered another contest. I’m turning into my mother!, Don’t forget to be awesome, facebook is not a busy place at 4:30am, Elijah’s birth certificate came today!, my baby snores like his father, hiccup monster…, reading Jane Eyre for the first time, one month, Big outing in Port Elgin today (I brought E to school!), Happy birthday Cycle Daddio!

a: and the snow is back, 6 week growth spurt: hungry baby=tired maman!, la la la la, an hour walk uptown with the Moby! Hit the bank, grocery store and coffee culture, Elijah either snores while awake or sleeps with his eyes open (creepy!), La Leche League of Kincardine is having a fundraiser! Wave Petunias!, attack of the scratchy cat

m: I exercised my right, WHAT THE…???, Happy birthday maman, follow me on Google Friend Connect, come out and play with me, twitter party!, My uncle is an IRON MAN, Happy birthday baby-daddy, Kristen Chenoweth is singing FOR GOOD on both Oprah and Glee today!, ahh the set of Wicked (sigh), please don’t strike Canada Post!!, http://fluffybums.blogspot.com/2011/05/pampers-response-what-is-in-your.html , two snoring boys

j: our baby is 100 days old, and we have power, Saved by the Bell, the thunderstorms are back!, ahh Canada Post! noooo!!! Happy Father’s day!, free glasses came today- yahoo!, They are cleaning up the beach finally, less than a week to 30, who is that creep guy that I am married to? (see photo at left), Cleaning the house for LLL meeting tomorrow, Tori comes to Bayside and has so many GREAT ideas, thirty. 30. TRENTE!

j: Dear Eli: I love it when you talk – but full conversations at 4am? not so cool, (thank you fort eh BIRTHDAY wishes!( Playing with google+, My hubby just got home from a 100km ride, longest nap yet!, my uterus is not quite ready to play soccer without a sub. yeeow!, Rob & Dad got lost on their bike tour and rode 110 miles instead of 100. Nerds., Back in the kink with my FIVE MONTH OLD. woah, Happy 4th anniversary Rob!, Happy 34th anniversary catamo & Cycle Tooth, Eli has been napping for 3 hours (and Rob for 2!), woah, I’m on a blog-posting roll.

a: Eli is doing the plank, yum yum apple cake, really? no wireless in the hotel?, texas is hot, needs to write a blog post, thunderstorm!

s: What? It’s September?, did anyone leave sunglasses here?, Heading to a “let’s play hooky on the first day of school” party!, must.catch.up.on.friend.blogs, wireless router dead, Collingwood: The Land of Centurion, another 100 mile ride, lazy, glee glee glee glee glee, back to band!, I was following someone with 59,166 pins. woah! clogging up my feed!, The rain washed away my sidewalk chalk, but there was a new baby Morgan born this morning!, yay! Being Erica is back, iphoto on the fritz! Anyone have ’11? Idina is back!! The chances of her and Kristen singing a Wicked duet have returned!, having a tooth is making naptime shorter

o: Embroidery hoop/modge podge/sheer fabric/fabric paint. Stay tuned, You can only stalk your friends on facebook for so long, but there is always new stuff on Pinterest, my baby is a pawn!, A surprise present on my doorstep for when I got home. It doesn’t get much better than that! xo, Don’t forget baby-movie-Monday!, Using the new FB “timeline” – I know most people hate it when FB changes things, but I think it is fun!, Cookie decorators extraordinaire (right Aly?), rainy day with a snoring baby on my lap (dishes can wait), realizing that we don’t have any more sleepers, making capes, looking for black rimmed glasses. Anyone? KDHS on the chopping block! oh no!

n: sicky baby, I decided to update the theme of my blog, I hate cancelling on people and commitments – but OJ and naps are helping, put chevrons on my Kitchenaid today!, waiting patiently for pinterest to return my pins, Andrea:”I went to see Tegan and Sara last night. They remind me of if we were a band – their stories are funny about their childhood.”

d: blah childcare blah, pumpkin cakies (yum-o), painted ornaments, get your own homemade tutu!, I’ve been shellacked, Happy Birthday little sis Andrea!, I have a lot of blog posts floating around – for both funkylindsay and brucegreykids – I will post soon Aly and Becky!, Being Erica finale = crying Lindsay, Wicked Wicked Wicked, Where is everyone? Hubby is making goodies for his class tomorrow. How crafty, I’m like-button happy today!, Merry Christmas!

Things i noticed:

– I probably should of just used the generator. nobody cares!

– My status updates don’t have nearly as much to do with school. They’ve been replaced by baby!

ps. I am glad I posted last years and the year befores- I just got a good kick and laugh out of reading it. Hopefully I’ll feel the same next December!