the first birthday dilemma

With Christmas and New Years over – the next “major holiday” on my mind is Eli’s first birthday. And more specifically, do I throw a First Birthday Party for him (or not)?

The inner banter in my indecisive mind is at it again.

Critic of party: Elijah won’t remember the party – what is the point of making a big deal out of it? Save your ideas for when he is older (like tobogganing and early morning pjs and superheros and camping and science and bugs and monsters and robots)

Supporter of party: I love a good photo-op.

Critic of party: I don’t want to spend money. I’m cheap thrifty.

Supporter of party: I love diy decorations and fun games.

Critic of party: Who wants to go to a baby’s birthday party anyways?

Supporter of party: One of my “resolutions” was to invite people over and share our home more often.

Critic of party: I don’t really understand the whole “cake-smash” idea (I don’t even like cake that much). We didn’t even have cake at our wedding.

Supporter of party: I love crafting and baking for family and friends.

Critic of party: I don’t want people to come and expect “goodie bags” or alternate entertainment for their older kids.

Supporter of party: I’d love to do some collaborative mini-projects for Eli like having people sign a birthday-themed book  + make a timecapsule of wishes for him.

Critic of party: His birthday is in the middle of February on Family Day and we live in snowy Bruce County. All of the roads will be closed and people tend to cancel in bad weather. People also won’t want to drive for a short little afternoon party.

Supporter of party: I just want to. I have visions of cardboard boxes and newspaper and mason jars, oh my!

But really.. for all of you moms who have had 1st (and 2nd and 3rd) birthday parties… Who did you invite? Family only? Family and local friends with babies? Friends from out of town (remember it is February!)? Our friends or only Eli’s friends?  I don’t want to exclude anyone, but I also don’t want anyone to feel that they “have” to come.