Fun with Photoshop: Family Mash-Ups

Sometime last year I stumbled upon les portraits génétiques – an awesomely eery photography project – by Montreal-based Ulric Collette. I’ve had it bookmarked for quite some time, and finally decided to try it with my own family photos. I took two photos, cropped them directly in half and “melted” them together with Photoshop. I made them black and white, adjusted the exposure and contrast so the photos matched and used the clone tool to get rid of the dividing line. That was it.

Andrea, 29 & Lindsay, 30 (sisters)

Cathy, 55 & Lindsay, 30 (mother/daughter)

Andrea, 29 & Cathy, 55 (daughter/mother)

For those who don’t think that I look like my sister or my mom. Think again!

(I have also played around with Rob and his dad – but that is another post.)