good shopping.

Today I got some really amazingly awesome things.

My raspberry coloured Goodbyn lunchbox came and I immediately covered it with the stickers. I am excited to start some creative lunch making.

An giftcard order from chapters also came today. I ordered Eli a couple of books (in English et en français), a journal of sorts and Playful Learning. PL is pretty much a toddler activity pin board all together in a beautiful book. There isn’t really anything new in there (many are teaching ideas that I already do in my classroom), but it is neat to have some concrete ideas and photos. And the cover is so yummy.

I got a new battery in my macbook pro and I can graphic design for more hours.

At Michael’s I picked up some gouache paints to try, some little mini chickies, an assortment of black marker pens, some birthday things and the most amazing pen ever. One end is a marker and the other end is a glue stick. Genius!

If that wasn’t enough cool, minutes after I arrived home, Aly showed up at my door with a paint palette of cupcakes. Scrumdiddlyumptious. I love that girl.

Now I am listening to some incredible new music and bursting with creativity while my two boys snore.