12 months

weight. over 20 lbs or something. You have your one-year shots next week.

height. Still short enough to stay in your first carseat

eyes. big, blue and sparkly. you rub them when you are sleepy.

hair. Red in some lights. It is pretty thin and you even have a bit of a curl at the back.

feeding. Your top teeth have cut. New foods you’ve tried since last time – salmon, noodles, green pepper, melon, chicken, mozza and cheddar, multigrain bread, “pizza”, “muffins”.  You seem to like it all but still like the boob best.

sleeping. Having a wee bit of trouble napping every day, but we’ll fall into a routine soon enough once you figure out the packnplay business.

things you love. banging everything together, climbing stairs, climbing up on things, the toilet, taking a bath, talking, the washer & dryer, books, walking along furniture, laughing, being upside down, playing the cowbell.

things you don’t love. being sick, falling over

other [new] awesome things you do. climbing stairs (fast!), opening doors, walking along furniture, have full “conversations” with yourself (the occasional new sound too)

xo Elijah.