525,600 minutes: a First Birthday

On Monday, February 20th, Elijah turned 1. I didn’t want to throw a big indoor party in the middle of winter, but I love the little touches of planning a party. Read about my earlier birthday dichotomy here.


We decided to have a birthday playdate with some of Elijah’s besties – brunch, babies and broo-ha-ha. We normally play together on weekends, so it was an easy fit. I wanted to share some of the crafty details with some great maman friends.

I made an awesome cake out of a tin can, some drywall compound, a little bit of paint and some sparkles. I didn’t really want to give Eli a real cake to smash or eat, but I did want a photo op and a good laugh. I made a similar cake for our rehearsal dinner in 2007. A definite inspiration from Amy Sedaris.  I had guests write wishes to Eli and tie them to the candle on the cake. I’d like to do that for his future birthdays too. The wishes were very sweet and I hope that they all come true.

I made some CD favours (an awesome assortment of non-lame kids musak), a fancy balloon wreath for the door and tasty sugar cookies. I printed some monthly photos and strung them together in a garland-like way. I made Eli head toppers for all of the different food, updated my chalk boards and finished my baby book in time to share.

We served chocolate dipped bacon, yummy pear French toast bakes, pumpkin and coconut muffins, fruit & veggies and cheerios (of course!). Each dish was graced with a party hat wearing Eli head.

We tried the ancient Zhua Zhou birthday tradition of fortune telling – Eli chose calculator and then broccoli. That prediction leaves us with a nature-loving scientist (like his daddy).

And now, in honour of the past year, I am going to treat myself to a little charm from The Vintage Pearl.

I’m happy.  I’ve had an entire year of sweet baby love. I’m sad that he won’t be a wee little baby much longer, but I am so excited for the adventures to come. Bonne Fête Elijah! xoxo