Dol tradition & birthday update

I know you’ve been dying to know what I ended up doing for my wee boy’s first birthday….?

Rob & I had a playdate with a couple of mom friends in town. It was nice and simple. We usually get together on the weekend anyways, so it fit quite nicely. We made some French Toast and chocolate dipped bacon, some mixed kiddo music and some crafty decoration details. I made a “cake” out of a tin can, drywall compound, paint and sparkles à la Amy Sedaris and had my guests write wishes for Eli.

I set up a zhua zhou tray for Eli. Zhua zhou is an ancient Chinese birthday tradition (I think they do it in Korea too) where an assortment of objects are laid out in front of the one-year-old and whichever object they choose will predict their future. We used a trumpet mouthpiece (career in music), tennis ball (athletics), library card (academics), calculator (sciences), paintbrush (arts), medicine spoon (medicine), stamp (high ranking official), notebook (writer) and broccoli (ecology – anything to do with nature or food really). Normally other things are added to represent fortune and health and love, but I stuck with careers.

I thought for sure Eli would pick the tennis ball because it was the biggest and brightest, but he went for the calculator first. He picked it up and played with it for a bit, finally dropping it on the floor. His second choice was the broccoli. I let him eat it as a snack. He’ll be a foodie or scientist or both – just like his dad.

For more details and photos of the birthday  playdate – click here!