Kiddo Musak #1

I love, love, love children’s music. I always have – long before Eli was born. If it shuffles through my ipod, I don’t switch it – I sing along. Loudly. It makes me happy.

Here is a “kid’s music” playlist. It will rock your socks. (and the songs aren’t too lame!)

Doctor Tinker Tinker – Sharon, Lois & Bram**
Let the Sunshine in – Frente!
See, See My Playmate – Kimmy
Teddy Bears Picnic – Anne Murray
Alouette – Les Z’imbert et Moreau
The Corner Grocery Store – Raffi
Sandwiches – Fred Penner
Ladybug Picnic – Elizabeth Mitchell
A You’re Adorable – Sharon, Lois & Bram
Side by Side – Dan Zanes
Mama Papa Love – Renee & Jeremy
Crazy ABCs – Barenaked Ladies
All the Ways – Frances England
Fits Right In – Robbie Schaefer
Three Little Birds – Elizabeth Mitchell
We’re Going to be Friends – Jack Johnson
Spoonful of Sugar – Julie Andrews
The Other Day – Barenaked Ladies
I’ve Been Workin on the Railroad – Kimmy

** too be honest, I’d put ANYTHING by SLB on here. They are my absolute favourites of all-time.