Eli: Guest Blogger Love

Hey readers! Eli here…

Since my maman is now at work every day teaching those cool grade 3s, I thought I’d start posting some blog entries on her behalf – to give you a sneak preview into the fun things I do during the day. I will let you know ahead of time – my preferred mode of dress is a diaper and socks. Pants and shirts are not required. Not only am I extremely stylish, but it keeps me cool.

Food is really fun to play with. I love all sorts of things but blueberries, cheese, apple sauce, cheerios and yogurt are my favourites. I can eat all of that stuff all by myself and don’t need any help. I can use a spoon pretty well too, but it is much more fun to fling my yogurt around (so why bother?). I’m lucky that mom doesn’t mind the mess too much.

I love books. I just love them. If I had the choice, I would choose a book over a noisy toy any day. I’ll snuggle up with anyone to listen to a book and I’ll even help turn pages for them. I love pictures of people the best, but anything goes. Mom says that I am going to know all of my print concepts before I get to kindergarten.

I have this toy that you hammer pegs. The pegs are ok – but they aren’t that exciting. You know what is exciting? The hammer. I hammer everything. It makes cool little marks all over the shelves and it makes the best sounds on the floor. After a while. I’ve realized that I don’t just need a hammer to make cool sounds. Some of my favourite sounds that I can make are bells, aluminum foil and shrieking. The sound of the toilet flushing is also really cool – and I’ve almost figured out how to make that sound myself!

Look at this pile of cool boxes I found! Dad set them all out at the door to be recycled, but he snoozed and lost – and I got some fun things to play with. FYI. Don’t bother trying to taste cardboard. I did and it’s nothing special.

I have a turtle tent in my living room. It is the talk of the town, really. It’s one of my favourite places to read books. I also like to play hide-and-seek in it, and most of all it is a great place to take a nap. Napping rules.