Memories of a fallen colleague.

Party wall, action plans and team norms
Deciding we were good enough to be in the advanced yoga class.
Playing soccer and calling in sick and grand ideas for staff functions.
Snowstormy drives in Stacey’s van and lunch in Inverhuron,
Dichotomy about snow day working locations.
Arguments over running records and oral language.
Putting lip gloss on your steering wheel to remind yourself to pick me up for school and complaints about the bagel cutting.
Setting-up sound systems and special-needs dogs.
Stake-outs for man-dates and snacks at the Hawg’s.
Random encounters in the streets late at night, hilarious stories and the Salad King.
Chai Lattes and single marshmallows and under-the-desk space heaters.
Purple comic sans serif and sailing chats and ampersands and Photo Booth.
Rick Mercer and Where’s Waldo and Scoot and Gilligan’s Island.
Eli’s Sleep Sheep,  chunky sweaters and vanilla milkshakes.
Forgotten Birthday Pies, mispronouncing Detroit and 5-year plans.

Live the life you love, love the life you live.

You will be missed Trish.
rip. xoxo