Eli: Guest Blogging revisited.

Eli here.
My mom has been on hiatus from blogging (and she feels really bad about it). She’s learning how to balance being back to school, etsy orders and dealing with a death of her co-worker. She is spending a lot of good times with me and daddy, but hasn’t had much time to herself to blog or paint or chat with friends.

Me, on the other hand, I am moving and shaking and doing all sorts of super fun things. For example.

I love breaking into cupboards to get a snack. The moving shelf is so fun to climb. The bag of quinoa makes a great rattle and banging the cans of tuna and adobo peppers allows me to make awesome music. Mom doesn’t seem to mind, she thinks it’s fun when I explore.

Playing with the toilet is one of my favourite things to do. Sometimes I just flush the toilet, other times I play with the roll of toilet paper. I love opening and closing the lid, and splashing the toilet water with my hands is the best. I have this fun game I play too. I get mom’s attention. Then I run towards the bathroom. I stop and turn around to make sure she is still paying attention. If she tries to chase me, I giggle and run faster. If she doesn’t chase me, I still play anyways. Who wouldn’t want to play with water?

I love my friends. I can’t wait until mom is finished teaching for the year and we can play with even more. We play in tunnels, share snacks, go for walks, play on swings, read books and play bocce ball. I am going to try my best and not be a bad influence with my daredevil tendencies – but don’t you think it would be so much fun to jump in Aly’s pond to catch the fish?

Lately I’ve been chasing the neighbourhood dogs (“Doggie!”) and the lawnmower when Gramps or daddio cut the lawn. I would spend all day outside if I could. I also clap at everything that I like and have figured out how to open all of the door handles in our house. Mom doesn’t think I can go down the stairs forward, but I’ll show her!