Handmade toys: Colour Matchy Matchy

A few weeks into my break and I am getting a lot done around the house (it’s about time!) – some reorganization and cleaning and sorting and making things I’ve pinned. I’m catching up on my weblationships and doing a lot more baking. Reminds me a bit of Maternity Leave, but my little calm baby has turned into a full-fledge noisy, crazy, dirty, car-playing toddler, so it makes getting things accomplished a wee bit more difficult.

I did whip up a little sorting “toy” for him this afternoon. Although he can point to a “red truck” or his “blue t-shirt”, he isn’t quite at the stage to sort things by colour – and is just starting to discover the wonder of puzzles. I did, however, find the perfect box when I was cleaning out our coffee/tea shelves. I glue-gunned a rectangle of felt (thanks Aly!) or play foam in the bottom of each square, and collected some of Eli’s favourite smallish toys.

He squealed with joy when I showed him it for the first time (which seems to be a general trend when he sees something “new” to play with), and proceeded to pick items out and put them back (in any which box). After a bit, he decided it was much more fun to dump the entire thing on the floor and run away. It will be ready when he is old enough.


(Oh Pinterest)