oh hello toddler.

It’s been ages and ages since my last update on Eli. My little lad is just over 17 months. He is a hilarious, happy, healthy, energetic and nutty. He is on the go non-stop and talks and talks and talks (mostly gibberish!)… and have I mentioned that having a little boy is so fun?

– He tries to run everywhere. He climbs on everything. He needs to be outside for many hours each day.

– He opens cupboards and drawers, takes everything out of them, climbs inside, closes the door and giggles until it gets open.

– He used to know the sounds of most farm animals, but now everyone just GRRRAAARRRRs

– When he is finished his nap, he climbs out of bed and comes downstairs to find us. He naps once a day for a good 3 hours!

– At any moment he can, he plays with water. He loves drinking from the hose, swimming, taking a bath and shower, washing his hands, splashing in the toilet, running through the sprinkler, dunking his hands in people’s water glasses…

– He is saying some words (doggie, up, done, kitty, daddy, mommy), repeats lots of words, understands many and uses a couple of signs (but they are ones he made up himself). He’ll go “get things” for me (red car, cow, dinosaur, diaper) and point to body parts and pictures of people. I can’t believe that he’ll be able to one day speak in full sentences. Incredible.

– He loves to snuggle up to read. He reads a lot. A lot.

– He gets so dirty, and loves it. He likes to catch bugs and pick flowers. He loves to play in the sand.

– His favorite things: books, doggies, kitties, dinky cars, playing outside, climbing, water, bubbles and dancing.

– He is starting to get a bit whiny when he doesn’t get something or something is taken away – uh oh!