Meme. You need to know more?

The same friend who makes me baked goods, leaves surprises on my doorstep and inspires to be a passionate maman also tells me that I don’t blog enough. She said “Something surprising please…that’s the challenge. Something I don’t already know. Blogging about sunshine boxes and ten in the bed doesn’t count. I already know that stuff.”  Well, for someone who I chat to online every.single.night this is a challenge. I’ll try my best. (although you are the only one who knows about sunshine boxes & ten in the bed).

I will start with my idiosyncrasies. I have these listed on my FB info and this blog somewhere – but I thought I’d give it a bit of an update.

1. I cannot touch cotton balls- especially those that come in pill bottles. They make me squirm. I’ve found something equally terrible. When a baby wipe accidentally gets washed with the cloth diapers and then gets stuck on the velcro. Yuck! I physically cannot take it off. The texture is just too much. I make Rob do it for me.

2. Olives – green. I could live on them. I get extra green olives on my subs. If Rob orders for me he asks for “an obscene amount”. I don’t particularly love black olives, even though there is a brand called Lindsay.

3. I can make a long story even longer. And usually these stories don’t have any point, but they are definitely epic. I get that from my dad. I’ve realized why this might be the case. I tend to get interrupted during my stories and want to finish them after the other person is finished talking, so I will bring it back up again to finish.

4. I loathe telephones. Why can’t people send emails and write letters? Still cellphone-less and not interested.

5. I cannot stand reading emails or message that use “webspeak”. It hurts my head when people use “u” instead of “you”, and “plz” instead of “please”. Please don’t slaughter the English language! It is b-e-f-o-r-e, not B4. We don’t speak bingo!

6. I hate the sound of vacuuming. I do not vacuum. I would rather get down and pick up the dirt with my hands than plug that stupid thing in. I don’t think I’ve vacuumed since I originally created this list.

7. I am allergic to all of my favourite fruits. This includes pineapple and banana. I could add coconuts here too. And artichokes. Not a big allergy – the roof of my mouth gets puffy.

8. i have never had long fingernails. not ever. not even for a day. This is still true. My toenails sometimes get long, but I don’t bite those anymore.

And some new and interesting (?) things….

– I like looking in the background of photos. There is always something neat to see. I wonder how many backgrounds I am in – in other people’s pictures. The photo above is me at Halloween in first year University. The background is my teensy dorm room in Mac Hall shared by new-maman Sharon. I love bulletin boards and posters. My side was covered. I don’t really look that different.

– I know the lyrics to almost everything. This includes tv theme songs, commercial jingles, kid’s musak, golden oldies, musicals, 70s+80s+90s tunes, Christmas carols, traditional French songs and even some country. This does not include most songs made popular after 1999.

– I so badly want to go as Sarah, Toby & the Goblin King for Halloween, but Rob doesn’t want to wear tights (isn’t that the same as the spandex he wears every day for cycling?) If you don’t know who Sarah, Toby and the Goblin King are, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore.

– I wish my life was a musical. Oh wait, that’s not a secret. I spend most of my day in song. I once had a conversation with someone using only song lyrics. I also listen to music all day. Any second can turn into an Eli+mommy+daddy dance party.

– I wish I had good hair. It is straight and flat and sucky.

– I have this wacky cold allergy. I get red welts all over my legs and arms and my fingers feel like they are going to explode if exposed to cold, wet air. It started when I was about 16 years old and washed romaine lettuce for many hours every Friday and Saturday nights at the Goose. I was also born without a Thyroid. This explains everything.

– I love Crossword puzzles & Sudoku. I feel that is almost time for a speed Sudoku challenge.

– I’m not really as goofy or fun as I look in pictures. I have certain surefire poses to make me look cooler than I am.

– I love sending mail and receiving mail. If you send me snail mail, I will always send you things back. Except I am really bad at sending mail to my Northern friend. ugh. I so need to get on that. I lost this round.

– I am one of those people that likes to keep 150 browser tabs open while I check my imessage, gmail, twitter, pinterest and facebook simultaneously, and then want to edit some pictures in Photoshop, play minesweeper, pay some bills and make some edits on a seating chart. I’m probably also watching an episode of ANTM in the background. Oh and I might as well do a cleanmymac scan while I wait for itunes to finish burning me a great mix.

– I follow the students of Degrassi on Twitter. Yes, I know they are fictional characters.

– I used to have a killer tennis serve, be able to do a no-handed round-off (aerial), be an OFSAA swimmer and break triple jump records. I won the athlete of the year award at grade 8 graduation, and a couple of MVPs in highschool as well as the KDHS plaque&crest for sports.  I wonder if I still could do most of those things. I did run 4k (and walk 1k) at an event not too long ago with zero training, and I can still play some mighty fine soccer. I loathe “working out” at a gym and going for runs, but I would like to play more sports.

– I didn’t think I needed anymore friends before Eli was born. I’ll admit that I was wrong about that. There really is something special about mom friends and local friends that I never had before.

– The careers of my grandparents were: Mary-Jane Miller (Teacher, Supervisor & Consultant for Windsor/Essex), George Morgan (Accountant for Chrysler), Garnet Lamb (Industrial Arts teacher), Dorothy Simmons (stay-at-home maman).

– I love going out to restaurants. I often order club sandwiches. My very first club was from a restaurant called Jungle Jims in Florida in 1991

I don’t have a lot of patience for projects. In a way, I’m like my dad. Don’t get me wrong. I do a lot of projects. Epic ones even. I have an idea, I have to get it done right away – or it might not happen. I also don’t have the patience to finish a knitting or sewing project. I need to start and finish things in one sitting if possible.

I feel guilty about not eating enough vegetables. But I don’t really do anything about it.

I have a ridiculous amount of crafty mom blog-envy.

I really love maps. Before I go somewhere I visualize it in birds-eye view. I once had a summer job working for ERCA mapping the forested areas of Essex County. GIS programs are nifty. I also make wedding maps.

I also enjoy crunching and calculating numbers. I have enough University credits for a math minor. But I never officially declared it because I thought I would fail my Linear Algebra course. I ended up with a 74 in the class, but that professor inflated those marks. A lot. One of my favourite subjects to teach my kiddos is Math.

I don’t think that these things are really new or secret. Just facts. I need to do some more memes. There I’ve decided. I will do bi-weekly memes.

And if you have forgotten. Here are some things I love, dislike and other random factoids about me. Oh, and I dig nostalgia.