Guest Blogger: Eli

Hello everyone!

Mom says I’m not her little baby anymore – officially a toddler. It’s probably because she and daddio keep finding me in funny places. I love climbing everything and anything. A little while ago, mom was putting some things up high on the shelves in the bedroom, and the ladder was left out. Perfect opportunity! Who wouldn’t want to climb that? It’s like stairs, but much steeper and cooler – and it makes fun rickety sounds when you climb! I knew I wasn’t in too much danger when she started giggling at me, called dad and grabbed the camera. Too bad though, the next day the ladder was down…

The other day I got to get my diaper changed in the trunk of the car. How cool is that? It was so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. It would have been so awesome if mom let me shut the trunk – then it would be dark and I love the dark!

Mom and dad kiss and squeeze me all the time. Sometimes I pretend to hide my face, but I really love it so much. I also love to put on dad’s hats and wear his winter boots. It is so hard to walk in them!

I think that I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely love water. I love playing in the sprinkler after playing at the beach. I love drinking from the hose too. On the side of our house, I found the tap and it leaks when it is turned on all the way. I like to crawl up and stand on the plastic box and drink right from the wall. My feet get all muddy in the garden and my clothes get sopping wet.

Being a toddler is so fun!