Baby Art Attack

Since the moment Adele Enerson started creating mini art attacks with her sleeping daughter, I started saving them on my computer (this is before Pinterest, folks!) My cousin, a co-worker, an old roommate of mine and a friend all sent me a link to her blog saying “I can totally see you doing this when you have a baby!”

When Eli was just a few months old (and I hadn’t yet done any baby art attacks) I met a ultra-cool lady and her wee family. We became fast friends and I creeped her FB like a mad-woman. When I saw that she did baby art attacks with her little gal, I knew we’d be friends forever. I was also a little bummed that I didn’t do it first but it was the kick in the pants I needed to create my own. I told Aly about my creeping and Adele inspiration and she told me that she wouldn’t chat with me again until I had my first scene ready to go.

I managed to create 12 scenes (including some collaborative pieces) before Eli decided to no longer lay still. I kept a sketchbook of ideas for scenes. I would commit to one of the sketches and set up the backdrop on our bedroom or living room floor. Throughout the day I would add details to the scene. Scarves and towels worked wonders, but I managed to be a bit crafty with the other details including such items as envelopes, cloth diapers and tomatoes. I always included Fred Penner’s The Cat Came Back cassette tape in every scene. No reason for it really. I just wanted to be too school for cool.

Here our first scene picked apart for your viewing pleasure.

I made a Blurb book of these photos – each with a title (most of which are song lyrics). If you would like to see the full scene in better detail – check them out here or on FB.

End note: I think Adele’s newest doodle creations with her son are quite charming.

ps. If you get inspired to make your own – please let me know!