It’s been a long time. I’ve been reminded a few times. I’ve lost contact. I have no real reason except for school and home. I’ve been neglectful of my online presence, my blog, my personal creativity and sharing my love with friends outside of work. The last time I posted was in October something. I’m sorry. Not only for my audience but also for me. I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when I blog. I feel a surge of energy and inspiration. I also love to keep a record of my going-ons. I love the connections I make and the feedback.

I had intended on writing posts about constructing our awesome Halloween costumes, art journalling, my life as a musical theatre director, my darling hubby and baby, my great friends and family, the new babies in my life, things in the news and then some. I had intended to make a lot of art and crafts and get somewhere with interior design and teach and inspire and take more photos. I did quite a lot of that but didn’t write about any of it.

A new friend of mine told me that she was nervous to start a blog and always wanted to. After following me for a bit, she was inspired to start her own, because I am honest and non-threatening. She told me that I am a very kind, passionate and creative person. I see the world through eyes of wonder. She not only started a blog, but has been blogging regularly for the past two months about purging, friendships, inspiring kids and life-changing travel – some really great stuff. I’ve written nothing. I feel like a fraud. I promise to come back. xoxo.

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