Almost two.

I realized that today that Eli is 23 months – one month away from being two. TWO. TWO? Wasn’t he just one? Didn’t I just go back to work? Wasn’t I just preggo? I simply cannot believe it. I know it is cliché but – time flies!

I decided to pull out Benny, a white onesie and the sheepskin rug for a comparison photo shoot of the difference one year makes. The photo on the left is Eli in January 2012. The one on the right was taken today.

He was a little confused at first as to what I was trying to accomplish – but he soon caught on and laid down and said “cheese!”

He is still cute and cuddly but definitely a year older with his wild locks. He runs and jumps and kicks and climbs. Throws balls and fits and food off the table. He squeals with delight and giggles like mad. He sings and dances and holds endless conversations with his dolls. He loves being chased and going on walks. And kissing and hugging and talking and taking splashy bubble baths. He’s a silly little guy.

Tonight, I nursed him to sleep. He rubbed his eyes, said “night-night” and curled up in my lap – all warm and nestled. Sweet dreams 23-month old. xoxo