Time Management & an apology.

I had planned to post more. A lot more. I have sticky notes of ideas and topics, and I even made a calendar to schedule the posts. I just never did. I even planned to write a piece about how well I’ve been managing my family-work-play-self. I was going to write about how I have much more purpose behind my reasons and more motivation to do things. The reality is, I’m not so good at it. I once did a connect the circle dot quiz in the Artist’s Way. Everything is supposed to be connected in a balanced circle. If something is off balance, it means that you might be devoting too much time for it – or not enough time.

I’m really good at spending time with my little family. I make sure that we snuggle until the very last moment that we have to get out of bed in the morning. And I’ve been getting home from work at a decent time each night and we play, play, play all night.

I’ve also been good at my job. I love my job. Being a teacher is definitely my passion (despite the politics & public opinion…) and I am happy to be a working maman. It’s been said that teachers who aren’t parents are better teachers, because they can devote more time to planning. I agree that I don’t plan nearly as much as I used to, but I would disagree that I am a worse teacher. If anything, I understand the parent perspective a bit better (well… most of them) and I think that makes me a better teacher. I work my butt off during my prep period, lunch and recess breaks to have more time with my family in the evenings.

Our house is not in shambles, but it is terribly dusty and crummy. I haven’t done any projects or painted chalkboards or put up pictures. The laundry and dishes and cooking and banking are done. But that’s no fun.

I’ve not been so good with keeping in touch with my friends via mail art or email or even facebook. I’ve been neglectful, and I don’t like it. I must do better.

I’ve also been terrible with my blogging self. and my painting self. and my drawing self. and my creating self. my artsy self. I am doing a lot of creating for my students – but none for me (and my friends and family). I must do better. I miss my self.

Although I have some super non-goals for 2013 posted here – my mega-mind goal is to spend more time with me. By myself. Sometimes.

I think I am going to start the Artist Way lessons all over again. And post more. (sorry Dwight & Amy!)

ps. It’s a snowday.  And naptime. That helps get my stuff together!