our family vacay.

high chair mosaic

Over Christmas, our wee fam + my parents and sister boarded RCCL’s Oasis of the Seas (aka. The play boat). There were a tonne of super-rad memories. Here are a few.

The pictures above of Eli in his Christmas attire in the Dining Room
Flash mobbing with Flavio (see photo below of one of the practices)
Having to decide between a Sudoku challenge or MJ dance class
Drink of the day
Banana creme brulée every night for dessert
Listening to golden oldies on the boardwalk
Hairspray on Broadway
I can’t believe we didn’t play any bingo
Rock climbing
Losing my bathing suit bottoms on the Flo Rider
Surprise beers in Jamaica
Balloon animals
Matching Christmas pjs,
Crazy amount of stuff for Eli: Fisher Price toy room, [Shrek, Fiona, Puss, Alex, Gloria, Po, Penguins, King Julian], Riding the carousel at least 5 times a day, face painting, Elmo balloons, running through central park, Power Wheels on the basketball court, splashpads and swimming pools (he liked the shower best), fist bumping the room stewards, “beep!”-ing the elevator buttons himself, bears in the car and Santa Claus on Christmas day.

Thanks mom and dad! xoxo