mathy valentines.


Today we wrote some math (thomas) valentines. Here are some of my favourites translated. These kids are hilarious.

“Dear Area – You fill my heart with love and make me feel all warm and cozy inside. Love, Rectangle”
“Dear Mode – You are beautiful and smart. You’ll always be my favourite. Love, a data set.”
“Dear 536 – Things are not working out. We need to break up and go our own ways. I’ve found someone new. From, Division”
“Dear numbers, I love you in my life. Our love keeps growing and growing. Love, ascending pattern.”
“Dear addition – We belong together and will be together forever. You are my match. Love, subtraction.”


These valentines were part of some voice trait learning. We’ve been talking about adding voice to our writing with some quick-write mini lessons. One of the ways we can add voice is to change the point of view of the author.  Above is a picture of my hallway bulletin board devoted to the voice trait. Included with the valentines are some “Show, don’t tell” paragraphs and some voice-embedded opinion grocery lists. I also put some self-portrait collages – because if they aren’t full of voice, I don’t know what is.