Eli: Guest Blogger: Travel Edition

Oh hey guys! I’m staying at a new house this week. I went in the car, on a bus and on an airplane to get here. And I don’t have to wear my boots. It must be far away. Daddy and Gramps and uncle Doug have been getting into their tight clothes and taking their big bicycles somewhere all morning. I’ve been spending some quality time with Mommo, Cata and the fresh air.

Here are my favourite things on my trip…

eli travels

I get to spend countless hours outside running, jumping and rolling around in the yard in the gardens and grass. I’ve made trails under a hedge for Thomas and the Batmobile and held many conversations with sticks. I’ve also been taking some great naps, blowing lots of bubbles, climbing trees, stairs and giant rocks. I’ve been riding moose and bikes.

The best part of trip. I saw Woody* in real life! I cried his name a few times, but he didn’t answer.

[*Editors note: Eli did not see Woody. He saw a tall, skinny man wearing a large cowboy hat and boots. He did yell “Hi Woody!” a number of times over and over again. That part is true.]