Mom Confessions

1) I would make a terrible housewife. Doing the dishes is annoying. I refuse to vacuum. I don’t empty pockets before I do laundry. I rarely make the bed. I don’t iron. I don’t always have dinner ready. I’m really quite lazy when it comes to chores. Perhaps it is a good thing that I’ll be going back to work.

2) I was in a department-type store not too long ago. A little boy (maybe 3?) was making a fuss for his mom. “I want my mommy!!” he cried over and over again. It made me tear up just a bit. Although I don’t like crying kids, I can’t wait until my little boy can verbalized that he just wants to be held by me.

3) I sometimes still wear my maternity pants. I haven’t been pregnant in almost a year. I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight and have some new “going back to work” clothes, but they are just so darn comfy – and no plumber’s bum to be seen. xo.

4) I love, love, love children’s music. I always have – long before Eli was born. If it shuffles through my ipod, I don’t switch it – I sing along. Loudly. It makes me happy.

5) On the weekends, I wake up with Eli and he plays with his various books and toys. Sometimes if I am still extra tired, I lay on the carpet and catch some extra winks. I nap with one eye open in case he runs for the toilet bowl or stairs or bar stools, but the whole time I am praying he stays put.

6) I feed myself salty pretzels & sugar cookies and I feed my baby broccoli.

7) Does playing with a sprinkler and some bubbles count as a bath?

8) Most of our shopping trips consist of Eli being handed something to play with (ex. instrument, toy, can of soup) and then leaving it in the check out line. “Oh, that giant talking Buzz Lightyear has gone for a nap. Night, night Buzz!”

9) I sometimes take advantage of cleaning time while Eli is in his high chair. Surely he is old enough to be past the instruction on the tag that says “Never leave a child unattended…” I don’t go far, and I am still singing…

10) I hide in bathroom to check emails. No, I don’t have a Smartphone. I bring my laptop in and wobble it on my knees.