A party about nothing.

My dad turned 60 this week. Andrea and I planned a classy affair for him Saturday at the Walkerville Brewery. The beer was flowing, the pizzas were delicious and the laughs were contagious.

The theme? Seinfeld. If you know my dad at all, most of his daily activities and stories reference an episode. His birthday party planners paid homage.


Art Vandelay business cards.
A large BRO.
A festivus pole (Bagels, no!).
Airing of Grievances forms (found here).
No extra squares to spare in the bathroom.
Kenny Rogers Roasters (rubber) chicken.
Black & White cookies (two races of flavour living side-by-side)
Marble Rye & a babka.
Refuse eclairs (half-eaten in a garbage).
Junior Mints & Juji Fruits & Pez
A handglued fusilli Jerry.
Pretzels & no-double-dipping dips.
A big salad (with tomatoes like volleyballs!) & poppy seed dressing.
Muffin tops (and stumps for the homeless).
Snickers (cut up with a knife & fork).
Advertisements for Rochelle, Rochelle, Del Boca Vista, Little Jerry‘s fighting debut, the soup Nazi & Kramerica Industries.
Donations to the Human Fund.

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 11.20.35 PM fusilli jerry Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 11.20.23 PM

And no Lindsay party is complete without a handful of buttons (I was in the pool!, They’re real and they’re spectacular!, Serenity Now!, Anti-dentite, Giddy-up! and Master of my DOMAIN.)

We also had some trivia cards, a Kramer poster, some books, a pillow set up for under-the-table naps and Seinfeld episodes playing on the projector.

I hope you enjoyed it daddio! xoxo.

*If you would like to hold your own Seinfeld-themed or Festivus party, and would like to use my printables – let me know!