More me.


I really wish I was a more consistent blogger. I spend hours reading and being inspired by others, but I just can’t bring myself to posting myself – “the timing isn’t right”, “i’m being too judgy”, “this is not the right picture”, “i’ve already seen this on another blog or pinterest”.

I’ve also been really thinking about what my blog identity is. For awhile I was a Mom blogger (ick), and before that a teacher blogger (not really). Sometimes I like to post photos of my home and crafts and book reviews and playlists. I don’t know. Jack of all trades perhaps. I am all of those things: mom, teacher, crafter, blogger (wife, daughter, sister, reader, friend, eater, techie, music-lover…) but I don’t want to be pigeon-holed into one category. Not one of those things defines me – all of those things do. The interesting thing is that I get all annoyed with bloggers who I have pegged for DIYs start writing about their babies, and those who I counted on for good momisms write more about fashion… or just get downright braggy. Double standard I guess. But I’m allowed, it’s my virtual world.

I am also in the bad habit of posting to many images and too few words. Reading back over my last (lack of) posts, I’ve realized that more impersonal, lists or captioned-photos have flooded my feed. I love them, but I need more text.

My new blogging goal is to write more. I’ve never been very verbose to begin with. I need to pick things I love – favourite people, favourite places, favourite things and think of stories about them and write. This is how I teach my kids to write small moments à la Lucy Caukins at the beginning of each year. Just do it. Don’t get caught up in reading other people’s blogs and mirror them. Be true. Be you.