Bye bye love.

eli laughing

Eli is a couple of months over 2 years and for about 3 weeks, we’ve been breast-free. I thought I would be writing a big epic, reflective post about how sad I was letting go of the incredible bond we have nursing for over 2 years blah blah blah, or how freeing it has been. It is neither. It just is. I’m over it, just like that. Like really over it. I find it very amusing how I could once have been so passionate about blogging and talking about breastfeeding, and now not really caring one way or another.

I went away for 3 nights to a conference in Toronto at the start of May, and when I came back decided that if Eli asked for milk (which he was really only doing at bedtime), I’d just offer him water or milk in a cup instead. He just patted me and said “all done”. Just like that. They’ve started their decent. The end.