Week one.

Oh my, oh my, oh dinosaurs – it has already been a week since the last day of school. More than.

I am really looking forward to the rest, because in only one week we have done all sorts of things – and it has been fantastique.

eli painting

– chalking the front porch and bathroom walls
– Play-dough making craze
– three pipe-band parades (blinky! chicken!)
– fireworks
– visitors from near and far
– great bbq (homemade + from Kincardine’s FOOD TRUCK!)
– ice cream cones
– walks + sunsets
– painting, digging, colouring
– gardening + new backyard project extraordinaire
– swimming, dancing, bucket drumming
– playing in the park(s) and mowing the lawn
– taking extraordinary naps.

xo. Bring it summer (before my mind wanders back to school planning).

What did you do last week?
Any big summer plans?