A scheduled summer?

Before Elijah came along, our summers were full of travels, late nights, dinner parties, lounging, reading endless books, crafting, not having to worry about bedtimes or schoolwork or diapers. We could fend for ourselves and be carefree. In some ways, I miss those (I would love to have a smattering throughout the summer. Please, Rob?), but in other ways, I love playing + running + dancing + singing + going crazy with Eli.

Although I am great at consistency and scheduling and routines when I am in my classroom, I haven’t been as much at home.  I can also get into lazy ruts of endless lounging. I don’t normally schedule my weekends with Eli, or the summers, but I found some inspiration. I found Arlee at http://mysmallpotatoes.com. She is a mom, teacher, blogger and artiste extraordinaire. She runs an in-home daycare, with a schedule I think we can handle. She tries to make sure that every day has SPICE: Activities based around 5 basic and important needs of toddlers people: SOCIAL, PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, CREATIVE and EMOTIONAL

Social: Creating opportunities to learn cooperation, fostering relationships and positive interactions amongst peer groups.

Physical: Engaging in exercise to encourage development of their muscles, heart and lungs. Promoting a sense of well-being.

Intellectual: Providing opportunities for sensory play, verbal expression, reasoning, prediction and logical thinking. Fostering an ability to think about, and understand their world.

Creative: Encouraging creative thinking, imagination, Exploration, experimenting, innovation and originality.

Emotional: Nurturing healthy concept of self, acknowledging feelings, crafting firm boundaries to create a sense of security, teaching relationship skills and providing comfort.

mosaicThank you for the kick in the pants, Arlee! This will be my summer goal. Add some SPICE. That being said, I am not above having days of snuggly movie marathons on the couch every once in a while.

Are you a scheduler or a fly-by-the seat of your pants type?
How will you add some SPICE to your life?
Any fun (toddler) suggestions for me to SPICE up Eli’s summer days?