the everyday.


reading: uppercase #21, Show Your Work, assorted blog posts by artistic folk
loving: my new black pens and grids+guides journal, printstagram stickers, crafts with Eli
planning: some inquiry projects, a poetry anthology, the last two months, an outdoor kitchen
watching: back episodes of Glee, Frozen, the sun go down
eating: nerds. I have a travel box in the car. My fave treat as a kid was a banana+nerd frozen yogurt from Kingsville Variety
buying: some maternity skirts and shorts. This baby will be born in a completely different season. I also need new paints.
playing: peppa pig family, hide + seek and in the dirt. I’ve been listening to the BOM soundtrack and crossing fingers for tickets when it comes back to Toronto!
making: a new baby book, lists, sketches of set and prop design ideas
pinning: art ideas, funny french things, eye-catching loveliness