Hello trimester three.

Well, I blinked and all of a sudden I am a couple of days shy of 30 weeks pregnant. The third trimester of babycakes deux has begun. This time around things have been pretty similar. I’ve become reacquainted with heart burn, charlie horses and the “jimmy leg”, I’ve been succumbing to the fast food beast a little too often, I am having trouble fitting into my shoes and I’m feeling the need to do some home decor – inside and out. The new babe is moving around a lot and I’m not too exhausted… yet. I am really missing not being able to have a nice pint of beer with my bbq, sleeping on my back and not being a sweaty mess. This, too, shall pass.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 12.47.14 AM

I’ve been thinking more and more about having another kiddo in the house, and thinking how upside down things will become again – but in a different way. I’ve done the “newborn thing” and had a joyous maternity leave… but it won’t be the same this time. This time, I’ll have a 3 1/2 by my side. We’ll be playing monster and hide and seek and painting and singing songs and running around the yard and making forts and slides and climbing trees. Not to mention pee accidents, making actual food, socializing and crazy 3-year-old messes. And what about during the winter months? This won’t be the maternity leave I remember from 2011. No snoozing on and off all day on the couch watching Golden Girls and Saved by the Bell; no leaving the house when I wanted to, if I wanted to (let alone getting dressed); not having do anything but snuggle and nurse the baby for hours and not worrying about making meals for anyone. I blogged a lot and stayed connected to long-lost friends, I kept up to date on correspondence, took fun photos and made art and downloaded all sorts of great music. I kept up on laundry and read a ridiculous number of books. I made new friends, hosted LLL meetings, baked goodies and cooked meals and did a lot of home decorating. Yeah. This one will be different. Just a bit. xo

Any tips for me as a “first time mom of two”? How did you survive that scary 4th trimester with your second baby? Did your older child get jealous/revert to old habits/change personalities? Did you fall into a rut of bad habits for your older just to stay sane?