10 years ago: A Blogiversary

Ten years ago was my 23rd birthday. June 29th, 2004. For my birthday I bought myself a domain name. (nerd alert!)

Before this date I dabbled with livejournal (see archive) – mostly memes and internet quizzes and friday fives and assorted lists. I think I had one or two followers. It was hip and trendy. I was totally cutting edge. Gone were the days of flashy geocities websites. Those were so 1998.

When I turned 23, I had just recently graduated from the uoguelph in April and was accepted into Althouse for the fall. I was living at home for the summer, working at the Harrow Research Station with my gals inoculating soybeans and having Mexican parties. I entered radio contests, read a lot of books, watched videotaped episodes All My Children and made Powerpoints for my dad’s dental hygiene courses he was teaching at St. Clair. I played a lot of tennis and listened to a lot of Queen and Fleetwood Mac. Facebook didn’t exist for me yet. I looked pretty much the same.


I hadn’t met Rob yet, Kincardine was just a place my parents had a cottage and most my current dear friends were just figments in my future. I had no idea that I would teach French Immersion, be a homeowner, have babies and own a Mac. Lots of things happen in 10 years.

My “webpage” has evolved sort of. I write longer posts with a point. Usually. I still like making lists and writing memes. I still don’t have many followers (by the standards of the Internet) and my entries are fairly inconsistent. I post photos of my home and crafts and pop culture and book reviews and playlists and family and other things I love. Sometimes I write about mom stuff and teaching things and general randomness. There are times when I think I should be making money or get thousands of public followers.  I have dabbled with ads (and get banned for life!), affiliates, sponsored posts,  and created contests/giveaways. But those all require too much effort and I am too lazy for that. I love my blog for what it is, and I hope you do too. People seem to be less afraid to comment. I like that.

Happy anniversary http://funkylindsay.com (and happy 33rd birthday to me!)

ps. Just for kicks, I geocities-ized funkylindsay.com – comic sans overload. I think I just barfed in my mouth a little.