Eli’s 3-year-old brain

Eli’s 3-year-old brain. A little while ago, in the middle of a snow squall, I picked up Make Map Art by brother/sister team Nate and Salli from Kid Icarus – a dreamy store in the heart of Toronto’s Kensington Market. I love maps. I really love maps. Before I go somewhere I visualize it in birds-eye view. I once had a summer job working for ERCA mapping the forested areas of Essex County. GIS programs are nifty. I also (used to) make wedding maps. This book was perfect for me.

I decided to dedicate my first map art to Eli and the things that (I think) he thinks about during his 3-year-old day. I had considered going the route of Melissa Balmain‘s Toddler Brain using fancy “brain” words – but thought I would stick with the things that Eli loves instead of things that are annoying about him.

3-year-old brain

The sizing of loves isn’t necessarily accurate (for example, Blinky – Kincardine’s Light House mascot – should be exponentially larger during the months of July and August and I think (hope?) Baby will get bigger when baby makes a grand entrance). But all in all – these are the things that Eli does/wants to do/insists on doing/talks about on a daily basis. Am I missing anything?

Do you love maps? Do you love doodling and typography? How about 3-year-olds?