Imaginary Lives: 6 Ideas

Late winter 2006 I read Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way and did morning pages and all of her activities. I kept a notebook of exercises. The exercise was to think of five dream jobs that you would love to have – and then figure out ways how to incorporate elements of each one of them in your current life. The task was designed to help identify what excites you and to open your perspective. When I did this exercise I was in my first year of teaching. The year I taught core French and yearned for my own classroom. We also still lived in our little old green cottage.


#1. Art Teacher: I would have my students make art journals and oil paintings inspired by Mr. Gombai.
Since 2006 I’ve taught in my own classroom. Teaching art is one of my most favourites. I not only teach my own class, but I’ve worked out class swapping to teacher other classes art (from the littles to the olders). I am so inspired by these young artists and love sharing my ideas with them. I’ve even co-hosted two art shows.

#2. Graphic Designer: Invitations and product labelling.
I love to design and hand-letter and make cards for friends. I opened an etsy shop for a short stint and created hand drawn wedding maps, invitations, seating charts and save the dates. I closed it because people (brides!) were starting to get a little too demanding and making it un-fun. I still love to design and make posters and cards and other fun things for my friends and family (whether they ask for it or not).

#3. Bookstore Owner: Like Meg Ryan’s in “You’ve Got Mail”
I continue to borrow and buy a lot of books. I spend hours in new and used bookstores just for kicks. I also tried my hand at bookbinding (super cool, but too time consuming for me) and altering books (still a love of mine). I joined a couple of book clubs and try to post some book reviews.

#4. Cast Member on Extreme Makeover Home Edition or Degrassi.
We built a house in 2009 and have been having fun making it over since. As for my acting abilities, I’ve produced/directed 5 epic school musicals (and haven’t been afraid to sing or act parts), I’ve performed my trumpet and super-singing in a few talent shows and directed some awesome movies. I continue to watch Degrassi and follow the characters on Twitter and Instagram. Nerd alert.

#5. Trumpet Player in the pit orchestra of a Broadway Musical or in a SKA band
I’ve been playing trumpet in the Port Elgin Community band since 2009. I also help out with school band stuff and play Christmas carols every winter for our sing-alongs and the Last Post for Remembrance Day. I need to bring a little bit of SKA back into my life. I’m going to pull out my Reel Big Fish CD right now (although real SKA people don’t consider them SKA enough).

#6. Children’s Book Illustrator.
I draw a lot. For me, for Eli, for others. Doodles and whimsy pictures here and there. I’ve made colouring books and zines and yearbooks en mass. My friend Meghan and I still have grand plans to create some Children’s books. She will write, I will illustrate.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.09.05 PM

Those were my dream jobs of 2006. My 5 dream jobs for 2014 would be. Maybe I will revisit it sooner than 8 years later.

1) Run my own (online?) stationary/paperie shop. I love everything cards and paper goods and ephemera. I could try it small-scale to see how it goes.

2) Supermom! – Wishful thinking, but I will make a more conscious effort to be more super. Right now most days I am parenting from the couch. It’s probably because I am just about 36 weeks preggo.

3) Photographer: Learn what all of the dials and settings are/mean on Rob’s camera. Read some tutorials, take a course? Take more photos.

4) Restaurant critic/Food writer. We love restaurants. We love love restaurants. Blog posts? Journal writing? Or maybe just get back to menu planning and regular grocery shopping.

5) Act in anything Musical Theatre. I wish my life was a musical. This probably comes as no suprise to anyone reading this. Oh, and Rob and I saw the Book of Mormon this week (so awesome!)

Ok, your turn!

If you had five other lives to lead, what would you do in each of them?  Do not over think this. Comment and leave your list (add a description or explanation if you want) – or start your own Artist’s way journey.


ps. I recently picked up the Artist’s Way for Parents. I will work through it soon.