Week in the Life 2014 – Tuesday


Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

I woke up in the dark today with a wet t-shirt and impressed with the quality of sleep I am getting with this newborn. 8am seems to be the magic hour for waking up with Abby these days. We’ll see if that stays the same for daylight savings. Eli wakes up shortly after and the first words from his mouth are “Is it preschool time now??” I am thrilled he is loving Kids Co-Op, but realizing that I might have a few long hours on my hands before he goes. After his morning pee and snuggles with his sister, he decided to take off all of his clothes minus one sock and head downstairs for his Shreddies. Today he added a “cold chocolate drink” to his order and told me that the thunder outside hurt his ears. That was at about 10.

Just as I was about to start my mad-tidy for our cleaning ladies, they called to tell me they would be coming at 2pm instead of 11am. A sigh of relief was heard, and I sat down to have some java and catch up on some social media (tweets about Jian, election results, and movie trailers. Everyone seems to be instagramming Taylor Swift’s new album. I also chatted with my mom a bit.) Afterwards I decided it was crucial at that moment to take a shower (it had been a while and I just couldn’t wait any longer). I invited Eli along, but he wanted to watch some Peppa Pig Toys. I brought Abby upstairs and laid her on the bed while I had a short (but glorious!) shower, calling down to Eli periodically to see if he was alright.

As I was putting on my last sock Eli yells from downstairs “Don’t worry mom! It’s not dangerous!” – He had climbed onto the counter and was searching the cupboards for cookies. What the? We had a firm discussion, and then we made some PB&J sammies, I nursed Abby and finished tidying the house. Eli announced that it was 12 – time for preschool!

Shortly before getting ready in his skeleton costume for Halloween week, he decides he wants to be Spiderman. I convinced him to put his skeleton top over his Spiderman one. That seemed to work. He wanted to help paint his face, so he painted once side with red and I attempted to paint the rest of his face skeleton-esque. He was really squirmy, and in order to convince him to let me finish, I let him paint my face too. He got himself ready (boot on right feet for the win!) and I quickly wiped my face. We drove to preschool in the pouring rain and he was so excited to be there. He thought that Laia might be dressed up as a Peanut Butter Sandwich. He was wrong, she came as Snow White. Close enough.

I swung by Tim Horton’s for a bagel and hot chocolate/coffee and came home for a rest. I watched some Drop Dead Diva, ate a sandwich, nursed my babe and did some work on my t-shirt design stuff. Merry maids came promptly at 2pm, so Abby and I went to Pharma Plus to pick up my Synthroid and wander around. Only one old lady stopped me and asked if I had a baby in my sling and if she could see. Lady:”Was she a preemie?” Me: “No, she is just small”.

We picked up Eli at 3:15 in the rain. Instead of our usual forest adventures with Aly & Laia, we met them at the library instead. We read some books and did some colouring. While I nursed Abby again, the other three played catch, spoons and walked on fancy boards. Eli and Laia played and played and played afterwards pretending they were running from monsters and crocodiles and bears and anything else they could imagine. They climbed the railings like monkeys and hung like sloths. They ran and giggled. “They love each other,” said Aly as she took another photo.

Rob called to say he’d be late since he was going to an OECTA meeting (I got annoyed), and Ryan met Aly at the library. We drove out to Pine River pick up some apples and a pumpkin for carving and couldn’t resist the photo ops and cookies. On our way home we stopped by the bulk barn for some more chocolate covered pretzels and the mailbox. Today was a no-mail day. That was sad. (Does anyone want to be my penpal? or at least swap pal?) We got home and had some leftover roast with onions and carrots and potatoes. Rob had left a message at home inviting us to Owen Sound with him (why didn’t he mention that on the other call?). Sad to have missed it. I nursed Abby again and brought Eli up to bed.

Tonight was a long bedtime. I was surprised because he played fairly actively all afternoon. Endless chatter after we did our usual routine.
Me: Stay still, stay quiet, keep your eyes closed.
Eli: I’m not comfortable, I’m thirsty, I have to pee, I have to poo, I’m just checking for boogers, I love you so-so-so-so-so-so much mommy, I just want to hug and kiss you, Where’s daddy? Where’s Abby?…. mixed in with various songs and a goodnight snuggle from Rob.

He finally passed out at about 9:15 and I came downstairs to talk with Rob for a bit and chill. I chatted with Sam and Katelyn and read the first couple of chapters of Six Meters of Pavement by Farzana Doctor (a book my mom won in one of her many contest entries).

It is now 11:43pm. I am going to add some photos to this post and call it a night.


* A Week in the Life is an idea created by the ever-inspiring Ali Edwards. It is an annual seven-day documentary capturing the simple details of everyday life with photos and words. Staying motivated by Jess Forster, Joelene , Aly and everyone hash-tagging #weekinthelife on Instagram.  I plan to type up my words every night on the blog with a handful of photos (in black & white for now) – and after this week is over, I will do some designing and printing of theses pages to put into a book of some sort. I will post it.