Week in the Life 2014 – Wednesday


Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

I only half-woke up this morning as Rob was getting Eli up and ready for daycare at Kelly’s. I normally get up with him, get him dressed & fed and help him out the door, but this morning I was out of it. I gave him a kiss and mumbled goodbye as he hopped happily out of the bed, eager to spend the day with his pal Evan. I pulled Abby into bed with me and we snoozed for another hour or two.

We came downstairs and I made my morning coffee, nursed my babe and checked my messages and feeds. I realized that I hadn’t taken any photos yet, so I decided to go around the house and take photos of things of today including our couch which is currently covered with baby girl clothes, diapers and toys. I took a photo of our dragonfly name tags, the books on Rob’s bedside table, our bathroom photos and our brand new bed. I gathered my markers and notebooks and computer to do some designing, when Rob came home for lunch. He picked up his binder and joined me for lunch (leftover roast with onions and carrots and celery root potatoes). He played with Abby on the carpet for a bit and went back to work.

I spent most of the afternoon working on my listing for Etsy as Abby napped or nursed or played peek-a-boo. I’ve decided to reopen my Etsy shop to make some extra funds on mat leave, but also because I love design and lettering. I am starting with a franglais t-shirt perfect for my French Immersion pals (I’ve already sold a few!) and then on to the onesies/kiddo clothes. I put my 16 designs into a survey, and awaiting results as to what to print first. I was also playing around with some greeting card ideas, and trying to decide if I should revive the old items I used to sell.

Rob and Eli came home at about 5pm and gave me a giant hug. Rob always has him knock on the door when he comes home. “I bonked my head today, but I am ok. It was just some bad news. I’m thirsty!” I gave him some of Curtis’ grape juice and he visited with his little sis, who was enjoying the mobile on the swing we borrowed from Amanda. She is starting to watch him and follow him around the room with her eyes. He also knows how to make her smile. He also thinks that he can make her stop crying any time she starts. He helped change her diaper and blew strawberries on her tummy. She loved it.

Rob and Eli got their carve on. Pumpkin carve. We convinced him to make a Jack ‘o Lantern instead of Spiderman (we’ll try that tomorrow). They picked out the seeds and goop and carved a face. We put Abby in her diaper inside the pumpkin, but it wasn’t her cup of tea. We had her bathtub filled with warm soapy water next to the pumpkin for a quick clean up. She really loves taking a bath. Eli decided that he needed to get nudie because Abby was and get into her tub with her. We convinced him that he was too big, but he could help clean her. I snuggled Abby in the spiderman towel and nursed her as Eli climbed on my shoulders. “My penis is in your hair mommy! hahah! That’s so funny!”.

Dinner and bedtime happened. Eli wouldn’t eat anything, I am guessing he had a big lunch. I wasn’t going to push it. He is getting better at willingly brushing his teeth since going to the Dentist last week. I also tell him how proud his Gramps is of him when he brushes out the sugar bugs. We read “Eli, No!”, “Red or Blue – I like you”, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and “Yellow Bear Goes to Catholic School” (the book he got at Kindergarten Registration last week… which hilariously I picked up a couple of years ago at Value Village). Although he got in “trouble” for kicking his feet too close to Abby’s head, he fell asleep fairly easily. I was downstairs before 9pm.

I am just watching some more Drop Dead Diva (it’s been playing marathon-style in the background all day) and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my parents who should be here at midnight. They’ve been away all month overseas and we are happy to have them here for the rest of the week and weekend.


* A Week in the Life is an idea created by the ever-inspiring Ali Edwards. It is an annual seven-day documentary capturing the simple details of everyday life with photos and words. Staying motivated by Jess Forster, Joelene , Aly and everyone hash-tagging #weekinthelife on Instagram.  I plan to type up my words every night on the blog with a handful of photos (in black & white for now) – and after this week is over, I will do some designing and printing of theses pages to put into a book of some sort. I will post it.