Week in the Life 2014 – Thursday


Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Today Abby woke me up at about 5:30 am. (I’m not complaining because she slept through the night leading up to this early awake). She was really stuffy and crying so I brought her downstairs as not to disturb Eli. Rob was up too, since he has started going to Cross Fit in the wee hours of the morning. As I finished nursing Abby, Eli started shrieking from upstairs “My mommy is gone!!!” Abby and I went back up, snuggled with him, and we all fell back asleep until about 7am. “Guess who is downstairs Eli….” “Cata and Gramps!! Come with me mommy, come with me to find them!!”

My parents arrived last night at about 11:30pm and my mom was downstairs making coffee welcoming Eli with open arms. “Did you bring me a present?” he asked right away. She had indeed, some Peppa Pig toys from the UK and a handful of Shrek ears from the cruise. They snuggled and giggled and then Eli announced that he was dirty and needed a bath right away. My mom took care of that, and brought Abby down too, since I had a coffee date.

Angela picked me up at about 9 and we drove to Coffee Culture. I got an English Muffin with egg/cheese/bacon and a half coffee/half hot chocolate. We chatted for a while as she nursed her babe. We also decided that CC really should have a change table in their bathroom. She dropped me back home and headed to her appointment. I love having other moms with babes to get together with and just chat and relax. We try to get together most Wednesdays when our older kiddies are away for the day.

Eli greeted me at the door in his undies (surprise, surprise) and asked if I would take him to the grocery store to pick up some lunch for grandma and grandpa (who decided to visit today instead of on the weekend). We got him dressed (although he would have been happy going as-is) and headed out. It was really weird leaving without Abby, but it was a fun adventure for Eli and I. We went to Sobeys and picked up some sub mix, cookies, peanut butter, strawberries and diet coke. Eli wanted to check out in aisle 5, and was pumped when his soccer buddy Knox lined up behind us. “Where’s coach?” he asked. I took him over to the Kwik-K for a special Spiderman surprise egg, and he picked up an Elsa one for Cata.

We came home, and as I nursed Abby, Eli played with his new Peppa Pig and Danny Dog combo and then he got his lion costume on (thanks Sammy J!) ready for Halloween: Round 2 at preschool. My grandparents arrived shortly before noon and the lion scared them. They brought him some brand new Batman pjs and he promptly removed his lion costume and announced that he was going as Batman to preschool instead (in 10 minutes). I duct-taped some pointy ears to a sleep mask that I cut holes in, and voila! Make-shift. My mom wanted to drop him off at preschool today, so she did.

My grandparents took turns snuggling with Abby. It is really amazing that my kids can get to know their great-grandparents so well. We had some sandwiches and chatted. They didn’t stay long, but it was a nice little visit.

I picked Eli up from preschool (they carved pumpkins today) and he was exhausted. He came home and watched some youtube with Cata at the table while I played with the Project Life app. And then Gramps came home from work. When my dad walked in the door, Eli jumped up and ran to him – all giggling and arm-flappy. They hugged and hugged and hugged and Eli didn’t leave his side for a long time. “Chase me Gramps!” were some of the first words. They played chase and Triceratops (aka. My dad is the dino and he traps Eli) until I left for band practice.

I left for Port Elgin at about 5:45 after feeding Abby again. I listened to Seth Rudetsky all the way in the car. I love my Thursday nights playing music. It is challenging enough, but not so much so that I have to spend my days practicing for it. I also love the sense of nostalgia for my elementary and high school days as I play. I genuinely enjoy going. It poured rain all the way home in the car. I arrived home at about 8:25pm, but “No One Mourns the Wicked” came on, so I had to sit in the driveway belting it out until it was over.

I came inside and Rob (who I hadn’t seen since this morning) and Eli had already fallen asleep. I nudged Rob awake, but he went back to sleep shortly after. My parents went down to read shortly after 10pm, and Abby is asleep next to me in the swing. I made myself some nachos with cheese.  It is just barely 11, but I imagine my last hour of Thursday will either be watching Drop Dead Diva, listening to the Book of Mormon soundtrack in bed or reading a few chapters of my book. I haven’t decided yet. I enjoy these nights to myself.

Goodnight Everyone!


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* A Week in the Life is an idea created by the ever-inspiring Ali Edwards. It is an annual seven-day documentary capturing the simple details of everyday life with photos and words. Staying motivated by Jess Forster, Joelene , Aly and everyone hash-tagging #weekinthelife on Instagram.  I plan to type up my words every night on the blog with a handful of photos (in black & white for now) – and after this week is over, I will do some designing and printing of theses pages to put into a book of some sort. I will post it.