Week in the Life 2014 – Saturday


Saturday, November 1st, 2014

I had an amazing sleep in this morning. One of the many awesome things about my parents staying with us – they greet Eli when he wakes up and they play hard. When Abby and I came downstairs, the snow that apparently fell (?) was melted, I had a large banana smoothie waiting for me, and a little guy jumping up and down telling me how much he loves me. Can’t get much better than that. Rob was at the gym and my dad was at the hardware store. Eli and I sorted his Halloween treats into categories, and ate a few as we did so.

Later in the morning, after putting on costume #6 of the week (a kangaroo), we got a Skype call from a cool couple with some big news (No, not my sister!) – but I can’t reveal anything on the Internet. Needless to say, we are thrilled. Eli really liked talking to them.

Rob, Eli and I walked uptown at about noon for Halloween part 2. Kincardine had over 30 of their downtown businesses to hand out treats for local kiddies. We started at Sleeper’s Bed Gallery and saw Laia and Sloan and Will (not planned!), and headed into every shop that put orange and black balloons out front. It was a sunny (but chilly) day, but awesome in the light to be able to see all the costumes. The library had some dancing and crafts out front too. The newspaper took Eli’s photo while he was making a skeleton necklace, and he decided that “pumpkin bowling” was really “kicking down the pins” – it was pretty awesome. The highlight of the day was getting to chat with Blinky and get some pictures taken (he snuck in one with other kids too for the Kincardine FB page). We came home with another big bag of loot (including some full-sized chocolate bars!)

After a chilly walk home, I snuggled my babies on the couch downstairs as we watched a couple of episodes of Peppa Pig on the big screen. My dad and Rob cleaned up the compound and put away our outdoor furniture. I tidied up some of Eli’s outside toys. Rob and I had a date to the grocery store and to church.

When we got home Eli, Cata, Gramps and I spent a lot of time bouncing on the mattress in our living room – knee drops, belly flops, somersaults and chase-  as Rob finished up a stirfy. After dinner my dad took a bath with Eli. So awesome how much Eli loves his gramps – more and more as he grows. He is lucky to have some good male role models in his life. After bath they played “triceratops” and snuggled in with Cata and Abby to watch Alvin & the Chipmunks.

Rob and I went to a Halloween/Birthday party at the Lasek’s house. On the drive over I told Rob that I was really excited because if Rachel hosts a party, she always has amazing snacks. I was right- what a spread. Sometimes you are at a gathering and you find one or two things that you like to eat, but I loved every last savoury bite of everything she had out. Not to mention the bowl of giant sour keys in the basement, girl after my own heart. Lots of people came in lots of great costumes – including some catholic school girls (boys). Dr. Rob met up with the Hulk,  a Lego man, and Wayne & Garth zombies. Rachel and Amanda got their craft on (Wonder Woman and Recycle-Girl?). Amazing. It was a fun night of eating and dancing and singing.

We got home at about 2am and Rob fell asleep right away. I cleaned off my monkey face, nursed my babe (perfect timing!) and snuggled into Eli’s bed with him. He doesn’t snore as loud.