Abigail: 3 months


weight. I didn’t weigh you this month. Will have to wait and see. You are chunking up little by little. You wear 0-3 clothes.

eyes. Blueish- you have a neat lighter ring on the inside too.

hair. dark blond – but you are still pretty bald.

feeding. You are a champion cluster-feeder. Yay.

sleeping . (same as 2 months) You are a super-sleeper. I really, really hope this lasts. Not sure if this is a 2nd-born thing, a girl thing or an Abby thing, but you rule!

things you love. Your brother, the dangling animals on your bouncing chair, driving, reading books, staring out the window, our voices.

things you don’t love. Being gassy.

other awesome things you do. Smile, coo and sigh. Hold yourself up fairly high on your tummy, follow Eli with your eyes…

xo Abigail.

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