Just another music list meme.

mixtape cassette collection

We listened to these records: Raffi Christmas; Alvin and the Chipmunks; Big Bird Exercise; Anne Murray’s Hippo in the bathtub and these tapes: Beaches, Madonna Like a Prayer, George Michael: Faith; Roxette: Joyride; NKOTB: Hangin’ Tough; Mariah Carey; Wilson Philips; Amy Grant, Whitney Houston.

The first CDs we bought: 1993-1994: Aerosmith: Livin’ on the Edge, Alapalooza: Weird Al, Sheryl Crow: Tuesday night music club; Counting Crows: August and everything after; The Cranberries: Everybody else is doing it so why can’t we?; Toni, Tone Toné: Sons of Soul; Oasis: Definitely Maybe; Weezer: Weezer; Live: Throwing Copper

I bought a lot of CDs in high school. I also made a ridiculous number of mixed tapes from the radio. I would sit in my room in front of my ghetto blaster and listen to 89X or 96.3FM or the golden oldies with my fingers on Record+Play waiting to record some great tunage. I still have them in a navy carrying case, and sometimes listen to them in the car that still has a tape deck. “Lindsay’s Greatest Hits” is what I called each of them. They also made great gifts for friends.

The first mp3s I downloaded circa 1999 from Napster: Karma Chameleon: Culture Club; Hit me baby one more time: Britney Spears; Truly Madly Deepy: Savage Garden; Smooth: Santana; I try: Macy Grey; Summergirls: LFO; The Freshmen: Verve Pipe.  I still have them on my itunes rotation.

I was (am) so cool.