Abigail: 5 months


weight. You are a whole 11lbs 6 oz. In the zero’th percentile. ha. You are growing out of 0-3 clothes.

eyes. Blueish- your eye colour looks like mine.

hair. dark blond – the cradle cap is gone and you are getting peach fuzz all over.

feeding. You are a champion cluster-feeder. Yay. Still prefer leftie. Big time.

sleeping . You are a good night sleeper – but unless you are in your carseat, your napping needs work.

things you love. Your brother, kisses, snuggles, vibrating caterpillar stuffie, driving, sitting upright, reading books, staring out the window, our voices.

things you don’t love. You are pretty happy… Not too much gets you upset. Even the gas has passed.

other awesome things you do. You roll and roll and roll. Across the room. I am pretty sure Eli never had an interest – and you don’t want to stay on your back. You smile and giggle and talk-talk-talk. You grab and hold on to toys and have started inching forward (oh no. this is too soon!!)

xo Abigail.

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